Dating while traveling

Yet here I was, selecting only the top specimen, as though they were produce in a grocery store. But after 20 minutes of silence and my mind unwillingly drifting to thoughts of my ex, I guiltily logged back in. “You’re just looking for someone to hang out with, not marry.” I started selecting every person that looked friendly and normal.I was immediately matched with a skinny white boy wearing a basketball jersey and sunglasses (indoors), and holding a red Solo cup.Guest blogger Jenny Hart shares what happened when she used the popular dating app Tinder in Cancun, Mexico to make new friends.Should you choose to use tinder while traveling, be sure to read her tips below!

Someone physically imperfect, with way less money and an extra bit of snark.

We were sitting together just to have someone to sit with. Although then I might want to see what Argentinian Tinder is like, too.

Every so often I would sneak a peek over my book to study his figure as he sunned himself.

One hundred percent not my type, but I was in Cancun with a broken heart; I could get down with the spring break mindset for one evening if need be.

I messaged him, asking what hotel he was staying at.

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