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The point, as we see it, is the larger meaning and purpose of human sexuality.The Bible has two important things to say on this score: first, sex is central to the process by which husband and wife become .But just feeling so sad, crying and getting upset, its so weird. But I know it does happen, I've noticed it alot recently, I'm soo high for awhile and then I go so low after it, whats wrong with me? The commentators (Medrash Rabba, Rashi, Ibn Ezra) explain that he did what is called in science “coitus interruptus”, i.e.And he may not even touch anywhere under his belly button lest he have a sexual thought.

Adolescents are in the process of discovering their own sexuality, and many of them find the urge to masturbate almost uncontrollable.If you need help working through these concepts and putting them into action, it might be a good idea to consider the option of discussing the situation with a professional counsellor. Our staff can also provide you with a list of qualified counsellors practicing in your area. We have a staff of trained Christian therapists here at Focus on the Family Canada who are available to consult with you over the phone – you can call one of them Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. They’ll be more than happy to assist you in any way they can. and the great sages, one of them prided himself of never having seen his penis his entire life, and some of them were proud of never thinking (imagining) their wives silhouette, because their hearts deviated from meaningless thoughts to truthful thoughts that fixate themselves in their holy hearts.shouldn't watch a beast or a wild animal or bird when the male and females are copulating.

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Please don't laugh, this is serious and abit embarrassing.

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