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“Only a few will respond and among those who respond, very few of them will pay the money,” he says. And never respond to an e-mail, SMS or phone call requiring you to submit personal information, even if it’s in the form of a threat to your account being suspended due to some third-party interference.

But someone will always take the bait, unfortunately, which is why scamming continues to be a widespread scourge. Never participate in any “sale of goods”, “survey”, “competition”, “lottery” or “inheritance” scheme requiring any personal information over the phone or the internet.

They then have access to both your bank account details and the SIM card needed to complete transactions.

Fortunately, the networks have tightened up on their SIM swop processes and this type of fraud is decreasing, says Streicher.

“This is not strictly fraud but certainly unethical in that the charges are hidden by misleading terms and conditions and the application’s sign-up process doesn’t give the customers any other option other than to agree to the premium charges,” says Pieter Streicher, MD of Bulk Never let your card out of your sight and when entering your PIN, cover the PIN pad. Unscrupulous subscription services Cellphone users need to be aware that unscrupulous Wasps (wireless application service providers – the companies that typically provide much of the mobile content that people buy) can bill any SA cell number and can even detect and record your cellphone number if you browse their websites using your cellphone.Unlike the desktop internet where credit card numbers need to be entered and orders need to be confirmed, on a mobile device all that is needed to bill you is your cellphone number.A young woman who got caught, Phindile, says she got an e-mail from her bank prompting her to verify her details.What she didn’t realise was that the link provided was to a fraudulent website.

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Remember, as banks keep telling us, you will never be asked for your PIN over the phone. False payment confirmations Lyl, a complainant on says she advertised furniture on Gumtree that was bought by someone called Max.

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